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Friday, March 28, 2003
This morning I woke up at 6:45 because my mom was sick and I had to drive her to her shows (she's an "edutainer" with the Officer Phil program, doing safety shows in grade schools). Fully believed it was going to be Day From Hell, Part II. But I managed not to fall asleep at the wheel, and I drove her company van without wrecking it or anything -- that thing is a huge beast with giant blind spots.

We were in Robinson, so during the couple of free hours between her morning and afternoon shows, we drove out to Robinson Town Center to check out stores and to find somewhere to buy aspirin. I scored a free bottle of it at the store because it scanned at the wrong price and I pointed it out, so someone checked the shelf and lo, I was right. *beams* Then I wandered into Jo-Ann Fabrics and bought a couple of skirt patterns. Now I just need time to set up the sewing machine and try to make stuff.

Got home and decided "hey, there's still time for me to go to the gym." So I went, and I ran on the treadmill for a while, and used some of the weight machines. *grinbounce* I think I'll finally be able to get into the habit of going on a regular basis, unless I keep having to do stuff on my days off.

Then tonight I went to the high school to see the musical, since Rose was playing in the orchestra. They did "The Music Man," and I didn't know a lot about it, but it was a really good show. I realized, looking at the program, that I don't recognize most of the names in the cast anymore, since the people who are seniors now were freshmen when I was a senior and I didn't know a whole lot of them. For the most part, the only people I recognized were my sisters' friends. And it kind of makes me feel like I'm getting old.

So that was my day. Now I must be off to bed, since I work tomorrow. >_<

Thursday, March 27, 2003
Argh. Today, I believe, was the day from hell. I went to work and we didn't have a very big order to stock, so we were done before lunch, which left me with four hours to block things. And that was all I did yesterday, so I wasn't looking forward to more blocking.

Coming back from lunch, this chick I work with, Dodie, went to punch back in but the clock said "out." So she said "okay, I'll just have to remember to punch again in a half hour." And she forgot. So her punches were all messed up and she had to go see the personnel chick, Patti, because she's the one who fixes that stuff. Well, after I came back from my last 15-minute break, I couldn't remember whether I'd punched in so I went back to the clock and hit the button to see the last time I'd punched. And it was about 25 minutes ago, so I figured I'd forgotten, because it didn't seem like I'd been back on the clock for that long. Well, lo and behold, the clock says "out." I let out a frustrated wail, stomping and flailing like a Sim, and go up to see Patti. Patti's not in her office so I leave her a note telling her what happened. Ack.

The end of the day nears, sloooooowly, and I'm running some displaced candy over to the video department, but it turns out that it doesn't belong there either. I'm wandering around the registers, trying to figure out where it goes, when Josh the Creepy Maintenance Kid starts talking to me. (Josh the Creepy Maintenance Kid is just that, a creepy maintenance kid. He calls me Lita after the wrestling chick, and keeps making these wrestling references whenever he sees me, and I've told him it's gotten old but he won't cut it out. >.< And he doesn't speak quite right... he's all mumbly and hard to understand. And he used to have a mullet but then he got his hair cut.) He says he was thinking of inviting me over to his place to watch Wrestlemania this weekend but that he heard from Dodie that I was "dating someone."

Eeep. Thank goodness for her. I still feel yucky. *cringes*

So I got done with work and bought myself a thing of mango sorbet to make myself feel better. Turned on my phone when I got to my car and found a message from Steve, telling me he hopes I'm having a good day. Heh. ^_^;

Wednesday, March 26, 2003
Sometimes I wonder why the hell I bother to keep this blog. I don't think I have enough problems in my life to be remotely interesting.

Steve has a blog now. I need to add him to my links over on the side. He had someone else help him with the code after I told him I would. Grr.

Last night I dreamed I was fucking my ex-boyfriend. Woke up rather pissed off about that one. There are people I would much rather have dreamsex with than him.

Talked to my friend Derrick online last night about classes and stuff. Unless he changes his schedule, which he might have to do, we'll be in the same History of Japan course, so that'll be cool.

Pens play the Rangers tonight. There are only a few games left in the season, and McKenna has yet to get a hat trick. He'd damn well better do it soon. *shakes fist*

Monday, March 24, 2003
Well, it looks like I won't be heading out to SIU anytime soon, so I had a meeting with my advisor at Pitt and today I registered for some classes. Since I want to go for a major in "English Writing - Fiction Track," I'm going to take Introduction to Fiction during the summer. It'll be Tuesday and Thursday nights from 6-9 PM, from 12 May to 21 June (I'm not sure of the dates exactly, but that's close). That's splendid because it's at night and won't interfere with work.

Then, for the fall, I don't need to worry about taking a Japanese course because I took it last fall, so I've scheduled a bunch of literature classes -- Introduction to Critical Reading, Formative Masterpieces, and American Literary Traditions. They're all requirements for any of the English Writing majors, so if I decide I don't want to do fiction but want to stay in that area, I'll be covered. And assuming that I can pass the Intro to Fiction course this summer, I'll be taking the next course in that series, Intermediate Fiction. My last class is a history course about Japanese civilization -- it ought to fulfill the Gen Ed requirement for History, which I still need, and since it's about Japan it can also go toward the Japanese major if I decide I still want to go in that direction.

Is it weird for me to say I can't wait for school to start? :p